Friday, July 19, 2013

Cray cray Day day.

today was on the verge of insanity.
it all began when i was waiting for my bus & just as i see it in the clearing i get up & stand next to the sign, alongside another girl waiting. 
instead of it stopping to pick us up it drives right past us without even slowing down.
the bus wasn't even full!
i was so upset (because i had an audition to get to) & the next bus wasn't for another half hour. so i call translink & tell them what happened & apparently that same bus driver received an earlier complaint that he did the same thing that day. 
the girl who was also waiting for the same bus was SO KIND enough to offer me a ride halfway to where i needed to get to because one of her family members was going to pick her up. 
so i ended up accepting the offer; which was so so thoughtful and helpful. 
i had to take another bus after the car ride but one of the buses never ended up coming so i had to wait another 15 minutes for the next bus... by this time i'm SWEATING and panicking hoping that the next bus shows up and that i'm not late for my audition.
finally the bus arrives and is PACKED and lets the few of us waiting get onboard.
i run to my commercial audition & make it just on time.
after my audition i RUN to work for my 2 o'clock shift and make it JUST on time.
& then i worked until 11:30 pm and RAN to catch my bus.
the annoying part about my bus situation is if i miss an evening bus you most likely have to wait at least an hour until the next one arrives. it's a pain.
anyhow... i made my bus just in time.
i feel today was all about timing.
would you agree?

now it's sleep time & i must prepare for another busy day tmrw.
g'night world.

[ps. this movie was my childhood]


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