Wednesday, October 2, 2013

3 in 1

boots & hat- Zara, chunky knit scarf & rings- Oak + Fort, coat & pants- Aritzia

scarf- Aritzia, jeans- DIY old denim, shoes- Aldo, "Ash Cardigan" - Oak + Fort, purse & hat- Zara, laptop case- Marc by Marc Jacobs
"Neutra" tunic & "Galle" drop crotch shorts- Oak + Fort, boots- Zara, necklace- Loft 82

Apologies for the mass outfits-posting-in-one-post... post. 
but my internet decided to stop working on my laptop the other day so i was laptopless for a few dizzle days. 
as you can see in the second last photo i am about to be on my way to get that sucker fixed.

the pants i wore to work today were hurting my tum for some reason so i eventually gave in and decided to just buy the pair of drop crotch shorts i'd been eyeing at work.
motherofachild they are comfy.
just today they've already sold out at our location!
i'm sure we're getting more in (in case you were curious).

hope you managed to have a pleasant tuesday!
...despite the cold, wet and windy weather.



Jocelyn Ko said...

I absolutely love ur outfit !! Please keep up ! if like reading a magazine X)!


Jocelyn Ko said...

I absolutely love ur outfit pose X)! Please keep up <3