Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The week of "thanks"

sweatpants- Gojane, black tee- Cheap Monday, cardigan & shoes- Oak + Fort, bag- Zara, beanie- ebay

 scarf- F21 (old), jeans- Jbrand, shoes- Oak + Fort

 coat- Aritzia, reptile leather pants- Topshop, heel boots- Zara, scarf & sweater- Oak + Fort
 denim jacket- Community Thrift, skater leather skirt- Sheinside, JuJu sandals- American Apparel, bag- Zara, scarf- Oak + Fort, scrunchy & knee socks- (old)
 If i were to name my favorite accessory this week i think it'd be fair to choose my wonderful, black scarf. so much body. so much warmth. 
just so good.
i think it's time i put my funds toward a new one, though.
in fact i've been eyeing a few at work that look real nice & cozy.
we just received a shipment of toques and scarves this past week.
the thought of getting to wear scarves and toques is exciting, however, the idea of cold weather isn't my  cup of tea. 
only, you can't have one without the other... & if you do... you're doing it wrong. 
(just sayin).
i still stand by my motto that one can never own enough scarves or toques.
 especially when you're living through fall/winter that lasts for 80% of the year.

i'd almost forgotten what it felt like to layer again.
i feel as though i have to get back into a certain sort of groove for dressing in fall attire. 
i'm still trying to find it... slowly getting there.

i had a delicious dinner last night with my mom's side of the family along with nik (my sis) and her two awesome roommates. 
the whole time i was wishing that there was someone filming the whole thing... my family is just so hilarious. my abs hurt by the end of the night from laughing at all the ridiculous things that have been thrown around in conversation at the table.
i tell you, if my family was on a reality tv show we would be a HIT.

anyhow, i hope you've all stuffed your faces this weekend with some good ol' turkey and whatever else.
and if not... s'okay
there's so much to be thankful for even if things don't always seem to be going the way you expect or hope.
i guess you could say that it's easy for me to say.
not really though.
life seems like a never-ending roller coaster at times but i surely can't deny that my faith in Christ has kept me going through all the hardships.
and so... not to get all corny on you all...
but i'm truly thankful for my crazy, silly, hardworking, loving parents and my annoying, loving, twin sister who is sometimes too much like myself, and my other sister who has not been on talking terms with me for a long time but i still think about her a ton and will always love her.
i'm also thankful for friends, for enemies, for my co-workers and for all the people who have come into my life whether it be long or short. 
i'm thankful for a home, for the money that i make, for my cozy bed that i never want to get out of in the mornings, for a car that i can use, for our never-ending supply of tea, for my unnecessary closet-filled with clothing, for an alarm clock, for my musicality, for food in the fridge, for my toothbrush, for my retainer that i have to wear everynight but probably only wear every 2nd or 3rd night, for a free bus pass...
 for Jesus and His unfathomable love. 
man, i'm thankful for a ton. even though i complain about everything i have on a daily basis.
just shows how selfish i am a lot of the time.
i need to leave more room for gratefulness and less room for whining in my life.


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