Sunday, November 10, 2013

One "of my favorite things"...

coat & scarf- Zara, backpack- F21 (mens, old), pants- Aritzia, shoes- Oak + Fort

possibly one of my favorite patterns- especially during the fall/winter seasons 
'cause it reminds me of Christmas... of course. 
*rolls eyes*

now i know it's super dorky to use these types of editing apps 
(where the picture looks old or looks like it's been taken by polaroid). 
but if we were to rate my picture editing skills on a scale of 1-10 
i think we'd give myself a solid 4.
maybe i'll grow tired of this look in a week.

tomorrow i'm going to spend the day in and do some work brainstorming.
i'm gonna sit down at my table with a cup of coffee... or two, and work away.
when do i ever get to do that?
hardly ever.
but tmrw.


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