Wednesday, January 1, 2014

shiggity SHAG !

i chopped it off.
& may i just add that when i say "i chopped" i truly mean i, myself cut it off. 
and might i also add that i did a horrendous job & had to go & get it fixed at the hairdresser first thing the next morn.
i started cutting... and then came to the point where i literally had no hope left.
how on earth was i going to cut the back?!
the lady who fixed my hair was surprisingly chill about it, although, she did mention somewhere at some point that i was slightly crazy.

but hair is hair.
and my hair grows like a weed. 

i WAS going to wait for the new year to cut it but then i figured... why wait?
i personally think new years resolutions are a little overrated.

start, stop, change whenever.
 not just because of a new year.


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