Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sunday S N O W .

coat & grey tank- Aritzia, denim- Topshop, purse & scarf- Zara, chucks- Ralph Lauren, necklace- Wolfcircus

had some serious "snow problems" this morning.
as i rolled down the windows of my car to get all the snow off, 
instead of the snow sliding off outside the car it decided to plop right into my lap.
a great start to my day.
but then i met the lovely Skylar downtown at Cafe Medina's for some yummy
 food and a much needed, (i do mean that), catch-up. 
afterward we made our way to Westside for the 11am church service.
and that was just the icing on the cake ~ i don't even mean that sarcastically.
just an awesome day, guys.

singing... worshiping... praising Jesus at church.
 tell me what is better.


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