Friday, May 2, 2014

\ may inception \

Oak+Fort white tee, American Apparel mom jeans, thrifted tartan shirt (wrapped around my waist) and Topshop sandals.
Cheap Monday black tee, Zara slip dress, thrifted denim jacket, Topshop reptile print sackpack and Adidas Superstars.

 i am here, blogging, with the last bit of energy from my bones. 
"poor you" is not what i'm searching for.
it's been a long past couple weeks but i feel good about the amount of work that's taken place.
it's really not even that i've been running around, working like a dog.
more so just working everyday. 

i hope you all had a chance to spend some time in the sunshine this week.
it was GLORIOUS!
i caught myself complaining today at work about how i couldn't handle the heat.
i realize now the big mistake in making that statement--- as the next few days call for rain.

if you're a vancouverite you better stop by the wings+horns factory sale on 68 east 1st ave.
it's going till sunday, both days 11am-7pm.
there's a TON of stuff available (and discounts up the 75% off
... your best bet is to pop by in the morn when everything is fresh on the floor. 

come on thru.


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