Sunday, July 20, 2014

two weeks later.

 in the last two weeks: 

i was introduced to "beer island" by my manager and co-worker.
experienced "khatsahlano".
my uncle passed away from cancer.
went on plentiful coffee dates & hangs w/ skylar.
attended my cousin's wedding reception.
watched the sunset in steveston.
had good eats with & showed the seattle Garmentory team around town.
my uncle's funeral.
hung/shopped/ate/ with & showed della's bro around van.
and worked. a butt load.

there'd been a ton of rough patches through the past three weeks.
but in the last few days i've experienced so much spiritual healing from Jesus through friends and family- fellowshipping & praying with one another .
hanging with della and bro has been such a treat and i feel incredibly blessed.
their words of encouragement have been so uplifting and my heart is just overflowing with joy.

i am finally at peace.


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