Sunday, September 21, 2014


it's been a little over two weeks with the new site design on NAways
i've been running NAways since '09 & it was absolutely time for a change.
a huge, warm thank you to the super talented Aina who worked her magic behind the whole dang thang
she was ridiculously quick and made the process simply effortless on my end.
so, so grateful.

some fun, little changes you'll notice:
- a bar to the right that provides my various social media platforms.
- a "categories" list on the right hand side; which will help you sift through more specific topics, by choice, on the site.
- my latest photos posted from my instagram account.
- the "home", "about" and "contact" links at the top, middle of the page.
- my sign-off at the bottom of every post. 
- & in general,  just a fresher, cleaner look.

you can find more of Aina's lovely work on her personal site.

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