Saturday, January 3, 2015

december in detail

no, this will not be an "obligatory 2014 recap".
however, it will be a super informal december recap.
from top to bottom:

1, 2, & 3: one of the bestest guys i know, Matt, snapped some photos of me after our Bao Bei binge.
4, 5 & 6: the day we launched our wings + horns x New Balance collab (sneaker, jacket, zip hoodie + jogger pant). 
that's Dave and i throwin' up deuces (or whatever the cool kids like to call it)
next, you'll notice my super amateur foot modelling for Hypebeast 
(shot by Jeremy Jude Lee- maybe one of the chillest guys i know & super talented too), 
wearing the collab sneaker. 
the next photo is a snap of Tiger's feet cause i like what he's doin'.
7: my cute succulents just beaming with delight.
8: wearing an Aritzia coat, American Apparel denim and socks and the wings + horns x New Balance MT580's.
9: wearing a thrifted coat, American Apparel button-down, denim and socks, 
Daniel Wellington Sheffield Lady Watch, Adidas Superstars and Army & Navy toque.
10: post wings + horns Christmas party with nik. a really awesome evening.
11: wearing a Stutterheim rain jacket, Oak + Fort leggings, wings + horns x New Balance MT580's,
 thrifted knapsack and Army & Navy toque.
12: after receiving new things in the mail, you sometimes have an urge to just throw it all on...
 for example.
13: Christmas Eve. very cold.
14: MY SUPER RAD DAD on Christmas day! 
(ps follow @squattingwithplants on Instagram... or simply send me your squatting with plants photo(s)... or just hashtag #squattingwithplants... but whatever you do, don't stop squatting).
15: received this Acne mail the other day. it was like, how one person on Instagram phrased it, "Acne-ception". 
love Acne but the branding on all the packaging was a bit of an overkill 
(and you're seeing only half of it here, folks).

the end.

hello 2015.

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