Saturday, August 8, 2015

4 months... but really, who's counting.

i couldn't think of a clever ice-breaker, so this'll have to do.
instead of giving you a lengthy, boring run-down of my life the past few months,
allow me to give you the more "significant" details... and then we'll call it a day.
let's take this point-form style.

- i no longer work at wings + horns (though i do miss it there, and the people)
- i work at Westside Church (also the church that i've been attending for 7 years) as the
front desk administrator.
- i booked a flight to new york (!!!) for the end of october. i'll be there for 11 days.
it's been a long time coming for that trip. i am very very very excited.
- i have gone back to my roots of being active and healthy. i train twice a week with my
good friend and trainer, ann, and hit up the gym on my own 3 or 4 other days of the week.
fitness has done a 180 for my body in the way i feel and function.
physically, i feel so alive and strong.

that's all. i promised to keep it short.
going to try to get back into the swing of blogging.
forgive me for the lengthy absence and thanks for your patience.
more to come...

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