Tuesday, August 10, 2010

city sista

                                            [crop top-USED;washed out jeans, chain rings-wasteland;studded belt-thrifted;shades-true value vintage]

i know i just went to cali & blew tons'a money, but yesterday, i couldn't help myself. when i find myself in a vintage store it's veryyyy difficult to refrain from purchasing something that is 'perfect'. to be frankly honest, i just use the line 'it's perfect!' as an excuse to splurge my money on the item.
i invested in a pair of shades & specs & crop top.
so generally i didn't go crazy, but i did spend a load on the glasses... so i would say, being the bargain hunting, cheapo gal i am. i really need'a learn how to be careful with my money though, lately i've been spending it out of my ears. tsk tsk.
sam & i walked the streets of van together. our first ever date & it was lovely. we rested our bones at cafe crepe & chowed down on crepes and paninis and googled our eyes of cute waiters. *sigh*
i'm thinking of making a fashion haul video. just for the fun.
i know that's a very youtube-y type thing to do, but i'd really like to share some of my proud-of items i uncovered in cali that i brought home.



Bub said...

Love the outfit! Very funky
follow me?

nik said...

you ALWAYS eat crepes! try somewhere else funky. like bin 941 or bin 942. or my fave resto on davie: lolita's, a lil mexican cantina.my list could go on...