Tuesday, August 10, 2010

dos es [better than] uno.

You can never go wrong when it comes to crepes. 
savoury or sweet, which would you like?
viv & i tried to nestle ourselves on the uncomfortable, dead grass in stanley park. of all places we had to pick the poky, dead grass; the type that indents your legs/partial butt when sitting on it too long & then you realize it kinda hurt so you shift to another position after approx 10 minutes.
this was a day for tandem biking. and boy did we get a work-out...

For some reason i thought it would be brilliant idea to bring on our bike ride an energy
drink... no lid. my idea was to be able to tandem bike while holding one hand on the bike handle and the other holding my drink. 
failure you say? yes. twas. 
in the above picture i am using a leaf... as a napkin to wipe up the mess the drink made of my hand from spilling it everywhere.  'wow nat. you really thought that idea through..".

So as you can see we are all happy & giggly.
.... until i realize i had just sat on bird poo. not just a little plop... like on a friggin pool of bird poo [look at the pic]. at first i didn't even notice it. until afterwards i looked at my hands & noticed they were white... and i look at the block of cement and freak out.
"viv i think i just sat in bird poo!"
"no nat. how would that be bird poo? it's only on like one area of this whole strip of the cement blocks... it's probably like chalk from rock climbers or something."
"you're allowed to climb the rocks here?"
"i dont know... i think so. well it wouldn't make any sense for it to be bird poo. it's not like the birds are all gonna poo in one spot".......
*we look up*
birds on every freakin rock ledge. with their tails hanging over the edge of their own little rock.

Did you notice them? we didn't... you can barely even see them. haha.
we sound like complete idiots, but seriously, if you were there, you would have been just as stunned as we were. WHAT BIRDS DECIDE TO HANG OUT AND POO IN ONE SPOT ALL DAY LONG WHEN THEY COULD MAKE USE OF THE WHOLE STANLY PARK SEAWALL? and what were the odds that i had the privilege to sit in it.
oh did i forget to mention i'm slightly a germophobe? 
thank goodness for purell.


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