Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lip Obsession!

No, i have not yet indulged my wallet in a nude orange or orangey with a tad of rouge lipstick YET.
but i plan on it. 
This summer i've been stuck to my bright purple and bright bright red lipstick
with fall creeping around the corner i'll most likely be going back to nudes... or darks. both.
orange, though, is nice for fall i think as well.
i'm starting to believe more and more that a girl can never have enough lipsticks tucked away in her make-up drawer. it's my recent addiction, along with shades and specs. so fun.



nik said...

well yes, you are so right. lipsticks are coming back with a bang! espesh with the start of chanel's rouge lipstick.

Eden said...

I usually don't put any make up on but I love black eyeliner and red lipstick!
I am crazy about them and still very rarely put them.But as I see how things are going on I'm def wearing them in this fall:)))

liv said...

i lovvve this colour! and it's so true, a girl can never have enough! i've been meaning to add some new lipsticks to the makeup draw, this colour included, but i've been so lazy and find it so hard to find just the right shade. this is a motivation though, especially now that spring and summer are coming.

x x x x liv