Thursday, September 2, 2010

crispy, seasoned fries

Our last warm day ends today & as depressed as i've been about it for the past week, i've finally been able to accept that i will now be able to bundle myself up in layers, warm knits and combat boots. 
i like fall, perhaps not so much winter cause i find winter too chilly & then it gets to the point where i don't care how i look, i just want to keep myself from frostbite. hehe.
i went shopping yesterday con mi madre.
we went to bellingham in the states and found zero potential clothing finds besides a pair of moccasins, perfume and wallet that i bought. i still needed to find a nice, warm, coat for fall/winter & a few others pieces for keeping warm so we headed back to van and i invested
my mother bought me a big, chunky, knitted, button up [half way] sweater. it was, my friends, love at first sight. found the knit at zara.
bought a blue, baggy blouse and long, flowy, grey skirt at H&M.
and that was it.
i've got all my school books stacked on my desk and i've flipped through a few of them.
i must say i have the slightest feeling of excitement in my veins. 
good luck to all you going back to school. here we go again..



Eden said...

Love ur glasses and cute photos:))
new post,check it out;)))

ediot said...

love that song too! and those glasses are fantastic. i wish i had sight issues, so i could wear glasses, but nooo.. ;) hope youre having a wonderful week. sweet blog