Friday, September 3, 2010


I received an e-mail this morning that I am a finalist for the BC provincial competition [in march of '11 in Vancouver] for Miss Teen Canada
i'm totally thrilled!
They pick several finalist girls from each province at the regional competition and then have them compete in the national pageant for the role of Miss Teen Canada World.
Each finalist receives a title, sash and crown and will 'reign' for one year in her city.
The big idea behind this pageant isn't to drool over pretty dresses and gorgeous faces, it's about personality, knowing about you're platform and being an individual who wants to make a positive difference.
A platform is basically fighting for a certain cause such as breast cancer, AIDS, depression, etc. 
My platform would be for people with eating disorders-- having a family member who has been fighting it for the past few years. It's heartbreaking to watch someone slowly deteriorate because of such a disease and feeling their pain and trying so hard not to give up on them.
Aside from that, there are modeling and acting opportunities plus plenty of exposure if one makes it to the National pageant. 
I'm looking forward to presenting my talent which would most likely be a musical theatre performance. I also look forward to meeting many of the girls striving for the same position as myself and learn about their story.
There only seems to be one issue at the moment. 
The cost.
The large number is suppose to cover paying the camera people, the food, make-up artists and other random things [so the pageant can take place] AS WELL AS going towards charity.
Because I am a student going into post secondary [starting next week] and in that time I will only be able to work small hours at my job, I only have a certain amount of money to go around for extra activities that I'd like to attend or take part in.
The cost to enter in this pageant is quite a hand full and I'm concerned that I won't be able to have enough money for both university [which is already quite costly] and the MTC Pageant.
The payment is due is about 2 and a half days.
I'm hoping i'll be able to find supporters or 'sponsors' that are willing to help me out, even if it's something very very small [anything helps], otherwise I may have to turn down this opportunity. 

I'm leaving this all in God's hands, praying that if this is what he wants for me, it will happen.
If not, then I have to be accepting of the fact that perhaps it just isn't the right time.



Annabel said...

wow congrats girl! Lovingg your blog.


I think you are very bautiful and that if this isnt your chance then another one will come just have to decide what is more or pageant. and i dont think that it right that they expect you to pay that much when THEY are the ones who contacted you..if anything just move here to NEW YORK and ill do photoshoots with you for free haha ;)

Lindsey Mak

nik said...

i'm so proud of u baby sista! i know you can do it. and be a great example to all involved. i just hope we can help find the money you need for the pageant.

keep on praying...