Saturday, September 11, 2010

"bye jim, have a great week!"

So it's the return of school.
 not just school but university. first year... hollaaaaaa.
i've had three official full days at school this week & by the third day i'd made so many new friends. that's what i was really looking forward to [heading to university.] 
There are 21 of us all together in my musical theatre program. we all have the exact same classes together every single day [mon-fri], besides english. it's weird to think that these are the same 21 people that i'm going to be going to school with everyday for the next 3 years [unless some people drop out, but no new people are allowed into our program].
we're already just about family... in no time it'll be official. hehe.
i hope everyone is finding school okay...
it's only the first week, so if it's a little rough just give it a little time & try to stay positive.
that's what i'm doing. and focusing. lots of focus and hard work.
i want to succeed.
 i made it official about a week ago to hand in my payment for the provincial miss teen canada world pageant in MARCH '11. it's a weekend long pageant that consists of one day of practice & training for everything that we will need to know. the next day is the pageant & this is the day where the ball gowns, swimwear, etc will all happen, as well as the crowning of miss BC and the finalists that will move onto the nationals pageant in toronto.
i have high hopes for myself, just 'cause it's important to stay confident [not cocky].
i know this will be a life changing experience whether or not i make it to toronto.
i already feel so blessed to have been chosen as a finalist to go the BC pageant. 
mind you, it is still quite a ways from now till MARCH. i need to stay focused on school work in the time being and things that are most important at the moment. 
The commute to & from school is absolutely ridiculous. 
on wednesday it took me 3 hrs to get home from school, meaning i got home at 8:30pm.
i was exhausted. i think that's one of things about commuting to school that will tire me out from day to day. i'll have to stick it out though & make the most of it & just continue to work hard & 'eyes on the prize', that way my mind is set on pulling through the tough times.


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Bub said...

I am officially in love with maxi skirt! You look great and I love that cardigan your wearing!