Monday, October 11, 2010


Last sunday after church nik, rachel, lisa and i went to the art gallery cafe for our first time. nik always wanted to try out the food there & i was just as curious. it was good!
definitely cafe-like. it was like going to a coffee shop except they had more choices at this cafe when it came to desserts and soups and sandwiches. it had a quant atmosphere...nothing too fancy. i hear they are moving the art gallery. i don't know enough about the situation to bash the idea because i've heard good & bad about it.
i bought the beige scarf, sunglasses & long shawl/poncho from salvation army a few weeks ago. on my long commute home from school there is a street filled with 2nd hand/consignment stores. so nina & i stopped by the salvation army and bought a few things. there were so many sweaters there i just about died. i tried on probably 8 different sweaters and walked out with zero. i think it was the skirt i was wearing while i was trying the sweaters on that made me feel like they were a weird fit. so sad. 

i do have a new blog once again. i'm not the only one apart of it though, i share it with my fashionable friend NINA.


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