Sunday, January 30, 2011


tomorrow i'm going to be a whole year
it's scary. i remember my sweet sixteen birthday & although it did feel like awhile ago, i can still remember it so clearly. i remember thinking it would take forever until i would hit nineteen. but... apparently not so. i'm excited :) for now...when i turn twenty i'll probably start getting depressed over the fact that i'm getting older.
but for now, i'll enjoy the benefits of being nineteen & of age ;)



Prad Savania said...

Wow, you look so pretty yet sophisticated

Come sneak a peek at my shoe design blog too...? Think you'll be pleasantly surprised. Take care x

Jess said...

hey babe :)
your reeeelllly beautiful
what shade is that on your lips?
it's real nice! happy becoming of age! i'm 19.. its a good age! i have 6 months left.. i wil lenjoy being a teen while i still can ;)