Sunday, January 30, 2011

the _______ of not knowing.

" The morning sunshine pokes through the blinds and lightly taps the young man on his face. With one eye slightly open and the other squinted shut he turns over on his side and checks the time. 7:30 am. Gotta get up. An arm reaches over his stomach and pulls him in. The young lady whispers, “just stay a few more minutes.” He turns over and gently grasps her, entangling his legs with hers. He slides his hands up to her face, carefully pulls her in and kisses her forehead, then cheek, then lips…three sweet pecks to the lips. “I love you, but I really do have to go now”, says the young man throwing off one of the sheets from his body. If only we could spend all day in bed…you holding me. ‘Cause a moment like that could be for eternity but once you leave i'll have no assurance of knowing you'll ever come back. Her thoughts could not escape her lips. So the young man gets out of bed and leaves."

-author unknown.