Friday, January 28, 2011


oh. well say hello to family photos in the b-ground. hah!
i found this fun, flowy skirt at wasteland when i was done in LA [wasteland vintage store]. it's perhaps still a tad chilly out to be wearing it but i purposely wore it on a 'warmer' day. rained today...
so my strategy sucked. oh well...
after school nina, boris & i went for vietnamese pho :) mMM mmmM! really good stuff.
i think 97% of what boris talked about during our food was how much he was in love with pho. nina & i just laughed... & i had soup come up my nose a few times. 
thanks for introducing us to that little place bor.
this evening consists of TONS of reading & homework. 
lets dooooo this.


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Bub said...

I love the skirt and the lacey top!

One Love,
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