Monday, January 17, 2011

"i think i like it"

foto numero uno- the chained ring[s] is one of my favs i own- got it from wasteland when i was in LA last spring break... also one of my fav vintage shops. 
the cross earring & green ring are from f21. 
foto numero dos- this olay lotion is friggin amazing. i started using it on my skin while away in palm springs [for a week] & i luv it [for oily/dry skin types]. 
the covergirl smoothers lotion is also really nice. i just apply it every morning before make up & it's tinted so gives some color :)
revlon colorstay... seriously. srsly. the best foundation i've ever used. i personally like it. & to be honest i never buy super expensive foundations & so for the price, it works amazingly well on my skin- good coverage & last all day longggg
foto numero tres- ooh hello lovely bra. hehe. i just purchased this today from american apparel. it's dark forest green. i likee.
foto numero cuatro- zumreed headphones i also bought today @ OU. 
ralph lauren HOT perfume [nik gave me for Christmas] mmm mMMmm :)


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