Monday, January 17, 2011

simple state of mind.

[I watched this thing on the news tonight about road rage. kinda freaked me out... what do you do if someone is freaking out at you on the road & is following/tail gating/going ape___ on you?
it hasn't happened to me yet thank goodness...
i was thinking: well i would just drive home. but what if they followed you? creepy...]
no more housesitting for me which means waking up early for school & back to the long commute back & forth. it gets to be a routine though, once i get back into the swing of it. 
i've been getting excited about my upcoming bday... 19!
& you & i both know what that means. finally legal.
i'm still planning it all out.
I might'a mentioned in the past that i'm so obsessed over this lipstick [which i used up quite quickly] that i had'a buy it again. it's seriously an awesome colour. these pictures lie about it's colour because i have a tendency to fool around with the photoshop features... hehe.
[i've been asked before what i use: 
~mac lip pencil- magenta
 ~covergirl outlast all day lip colour # 548]


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