Saturday, March 19, 2011

_____ days till __________________!!

tanned beauts.
 i cannot wait to be able to sprawl myself out on my lawn & go to the beach to tan. i'm feelin a tad pale. it's alot of 'looking forward to'... summer that is. 
it's quite a ways from now so at the mo i'm focusing on finishing my last month of school!
it's tough to try to fully wrap my head around the fact that my first year of uni is almost done... i've learned soooo much compared to when i first went into this program. the discovery of my acting & vocals & being able to get back into my dance grooooove :)
i do look forward to the break though. school has really been a killer on my body: very little rest, which means = getting sick. i'm currently fighting off a cold. i'm pushinnnn throuuughhhh... 


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