Wednesday, March 23, 2011

prepare yourself for what's comin...

this spring/summer it's either about the whites OR brights. 
-however, this isn't just WHITE white that i'm speaking of: off-white, creamy whites,etc. experiment w/ different types of white. go all out white & be extra careful not to stain anything [tide to go may be useful ;P].
-try pastels/neutrals w/ a pop of a bright shade or go all-out in different shades of brights [even colours that should be avoided being put together in fear of 'clashing'].
& then there is my dear obsession with lipstick. 
this spring i'll begin investing [& SEARCHING] for blues, pastels: pink, yellow and green, bright orange, deep velvet red. 


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Anonymous said...

Oh my GOODNESS; I want those orange trousers!!!!! <3