Friday, January 20, 2012

1 month & then ☮ out blonde.

My hair is now a strange blend of silver/white, blonde
 and orangish at the roots which is quite tragic... but it's slowly fading out.
i don't know what i'd do without purple shampoo (as a blonde). 
the last time i used it was right after i had bleached my roots and i left it in for nearly an hour..
and i ended up with purple in my hair. i was sort of expecting it but not the way it looked in my hair. it's faded out now from washing it. 
anyhow i had a few people asking me about it and i honestly can't give any greats tips or 'secrets' to my hair. it's kind of just the way it is from lots of bleaching, purple shampoo and having strongish asian hair... it's real damaged now though. of course.
i have to go brown in a month for the musical i'm in!
so i'm embracing my blonde cause i won't be going back to it for quite some time.

ps i really need to take down that hanging art in the background. hopefully my tenants won't mind.... 


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