Sunday, January 22, 2012

i got this silk, kimono[esque] cardigan[?] from wasteland- a vintage store i go to every time i visit LA[ish area]. [i'm really feeling the [ ]'s today]. 
when i went a few weeks ago my friends took me to the one in sherman oaks- my first time at that one. & then on my last evening there my friend melonie and i went to the one on melrose ave and this was all i found... a little disappointing. but i went at the end of the day, so i guess alot'a the stuff got picked through.
anyhow... if you're ever in the LA area and plan to go to melrose you'll find lots'a vintage/2nd hand/ quite reasonably priced stores along the strip. i wish i had more time there. oh wells, next time!



nik said...

i want that kimono nowwww. to add to my collection....

sophie said...

whoh lady, you are so damn perfect! beautiful!

xxx from amsterdam