Sunday, December 2, 2012

In the nude or moulin rouge?

distressed jeans- Zara, coat- Aritzia, scarf- F21, toque- H&M, New Balance kicks, strappy purse- VJstyle, red lipstick- MAC (Russian Red)

I'm a big believer in matte lipsticks. 
there's just something about glossy lipsticks that make my face all funny.
you know
just does that...

Worked today & then had a pleasant surprise from Donnel when i got off to clothing he was giving me, and in return i gave him money that goes toward a charity of his choice.
was a really cool idea, and i'm stoked on the clothing. 

accomplished buying ONE Christmas present.
go natt.
what, like 7 more to go? i have no clue.
presents are dumb- at Christmas time anyhow. 
i don't even want presents. 
that's not even what Christmas is about, c'mon guys,
we already know this.
yet every year it's the same.
i can't deny though, i stress about it every Christmas season.
i think it's the hype that it's all made up to be.

Came home to find some mail for me!
some ASOS earrings & baroque-style tee.



MiKu said...

I Love that Outfit sooooo much!!!
The beanie is fantastic.
Love MiKu

t said...

Love that scarf! great outfit!

Robyn P. Yager said...

Moulin rouge, for sure!