Tuesday, October 30, 2012


asymmetrical sweater- Community Thrift, gold cuff necklace & boots- ASOS

i got scored this funky sweater at my favorite 2nd hand store this summer.
i can finally wear it now that the weather is chillier
tmrw is gonna be a crazy, running-around day but i'm looking forward to the evening.
hope everyone has a blast and stays safe!


Sunday, October 28, 2012

what macaron problem?

my first time being reunited with these guys in three weeks.
best reunion. 


turrrtle tuuuuuurrrrtle

i had a bit of time today to stop by Zara.
i found this turtle neck sweater, which i loved. i only wish it has slits at the sides, then i'd be exactly what i want.
so i got the trousers. you can't tell in the photo but they're pinstriped.
i can't...ever remember owning something pinstripe so i figured there's always a first.
they're fun but nothing crazy.


Thursday, October 25, 2012

decency, consistency

sweater- Zara, pleather skirt- Sheinside, cross nylons- ASOS, skull choker- Oasap, shoes- Aldo, quilted bomber jacket- H&M

the past couple days i've gone to school looking like death rather than a sick person. 
so i decided i'd make an effort to look decent today.


sparkly ears

you probably know by now that i have a certain thing for rhinestone/jewels/gems,
especially in earring form.
so i bought these two off ASOS today!



currently mothering myself to get over this cold before i perform sunday evening.
i carry my box of kleenex with me everywhere i go, drink a ton of water and take vitamins.
hopefully that does the trick.
t minus 3 days


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

dance your little heart out

last night i performed in our dance practicum at school.
i was a sweaty mess after 4 numbers but it was a great experience
thank God i caught this cold right after the show cause we'd prepared 7 long, stressful weeks for it. 
drinking lots'a water and tea hoping to recover soon.


Sunday, October 21, 2012



sunday fun

quilted bomber jacket & purse- H&M, scarf & toque - Aritzia, tights- ASOS, Hunter gum boots 
[you can barely tell but in the first photo i'm wearing my blue rhinestone earrings! love em!]

nik & i went to catch 122 after church today for some YUMmy pancakes. 
stopped by the library for some books. tried for the longest time to sign in on the computer with our library cards (we both tried our own cards) & found out a half hour later we were using the wrong card... ohmygashhhhhhh...
nik bought a funky red, vintage asian-like cabinet for her place from the peking lounge.
neat little place- i'm going there once i move out and get my own place.
then i came home & took the nicest freakin bath i've taken in awhile & napped for a couple hours.


Friday, October 19, 2012

busy bodies

today my musical theatre class performed a number at a big teacher's conference.
tomorrow will be at a charity benefit and performing in 3 numbers.
it's been a crazy busy week at school with non-stop dancing, getting ready for our dance practicum monday night.
i'm donezo.

someone hand me a glass of red wine...


either or

straight hair + rouge lips/ curled hair purply/pink lips


Thursday, October 18, 2012


photos: tumblr
(i do not own these photos)


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

black bomber

i bought this quilted bomber jacket today @ H&M. 
i was contemplating for awhile on the magenta sweater cause i liked the obnoxiously long sleeves (they can long much longer than shown) but i've been sticking to pretty neutral colors this fall.
it may well have to do with being in a program where i have to wear neutrals practically everyday.
black & grey becomes a little depressing after time.
but i get when it's like that. 
maybe i'll go back for it just to break my "neutrals only" spell.


the other half

faerie forest

Dolce&Gabbana pullover shirt, 1,370 CAD / Clu , 88 CAD / VERSUS thigh high boots, 1,000 CAD / 3.1 Phillip Lim leather handbag, 350 CAD / Timex metal watch, 76 CAD / Eddie Borgo , 735 CAD / Beanie hat, 7.81 CAD


Band of Outsiders , 610 CAD / Miu Miu , 1,555 CAD / Madewell boots, 340 CAD / Timex metal jewelry, 76 CAD / CÉLINE cuff necklace, 840 CAD / NARS Cosmetics , 18 CAD


rock by nattjane featuring silver rings

Grey t shirt, 34 CAD / Acne cropped leather jacket, 1,205 CAD / Sass & Bide , 245 CAD / Silver ring, 18 CAD / Vanessa Mooney , 77 CAD / Acne ACNE Oxide Black, 265 CAD


duke by nattjane featuring long boots

T By Alexander Wang long sleeve top, 170 CAD / Proenza Schouler quilted leather jacket, 6,350 CAD / Long boots, 115 CAD / Ann Demeulemeester genuine leather handbag, 550 CAD / Cheap Monday , 25 CAD / Chanel , 27 CAD

i have an attachment to boots & long and/or choker necklaces.



new rhinestone purchases from today @ H&M.


Monday, October 15, 2012