Thursday, June 27, 2013

a baby.

i tried to make today seem just like any other day. i hid my emotions of this joy and pain because i felt like i was wasn't even a part of such an important event that happened today. 
and technically i wasn't. i was only able to hear all the news through family & friends. 
I'm an aunty. 
i've been told that: 
my sis gave birth to a lovely little baby girl- Annabelle Lilly Rose. 
unfortunately the baby was born with anencephaly and we aren't sure how long she will live.
i'm sad because i wish i could see this baby & i wish i could see my sister. 
i wish i could hold them both. 
and i wish she would believe me when i say how much i love her and that i wish we could make amends because she is and will always be my sister. 

please keep this precious baby in your prayers and please also pray for peace between my sister and i. 


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