Monday, July 1, 2013

Bipolar sunday.

My day started out with me in boyfriend denim shorts (Zara) and tank (Zara), a lace vest and beige strapped sandals (Steve Madden) with purple lipstick (Makeup Forever) and curled hair in a high pontail.
By the end of the day i was in a denim white vest (F21-- would you believe it?!), pink strapped sandals (H&M), with bright pink lipstick (Maybelline) and a half up-do. 

i'm just shaking my head at myself... how did i even manage that? while being out the whole day.
i basically bought the denim vest because i wasn't satisfied with the lace one. 
and i bought the pink strapped sandals because i was tired of wearing my beige ones all the time.
and my purple lipstick was melting off my face from the heat so i assumed that changing lipstick colors would be a better choice (uhh?... no).
and i just didn't like the way my hair looked in a high pony.

am i a girl?
yes. yes, i am.


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