Friday, July 5, 2013

all work & no play.

Today i wore a mesh, short-sleeved tee from Zara, white denim pants from Aritzia (Wilfred Free), a light wash, denim button-up around my waist, black boots from Joe Fresh, my favorite summer hat from 8th & Main and my "holds just about anything & everything" go-to, suede purse from Zara
It was a little cooler today so i took advantage of wearing my white pants. i wouldn't have been caught dead wearing them just a couple days ago when i thought i was literally going to melt after standing outside for 5 minutes. 
i'm not complaining though, lets just get that clear.
this is Vancouver- it's not often that we are graced with this temporary heat wave. 

On another note, i did some shopping this week- store & online buys. 
Pics soon to come...

ps. Happy 4th of July!
(why not?)


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