Wednesday, September 18, 2013

slish slash i was cuttin ma pants...

black cardigan & "N" necklace- Oak + Fort, tank & boots- Zara, hat- gojane, denim & belt- [old]

i lived like a hermit today- i slept in till 1 and lazed around the house.
on a regular day of my busy bee life i'd be running off somewhere into town or downtown, or else going to work
but because today i could do whatever i felt, i planned to kick my feet up
it feels slightly strange having to do nothing for a full day.
i don't think i could do it for more than once a week.
there's just so much out there that i could be doing.
needless to say, it was nice to take a breather. 

-on the topic of "doing things" i preoccupied myself the other night by cuttin' and rippin' the crap outta these jeans.
my mom: WOW natt those are some big holes you made.
me: exactly my point.
ps. this is the black cardigan i was blabbing about in a recent post.
i'm really beginning to warm up to it.


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