Saturday, September 21, 2013

Today my mother asked me what a "homies" was.

vintage leather jacket- USED, black tank & boots- Zara, trouser pants- Aritzia, toque- eBay

 i cringe, you guys.
i cringe at the sight of my hair.
this ugly "ombre" as everyone calls it is becoming my most favorite hated hairstyle. 
let me just clear the air and forewarn you that i did not do anything purposely to my hair for it to look like this.
story is: i had blonde hair a year ago and eventually dyed it back dark brown and from washing my hair over time the brown faded and slowly began to show my blonde from before.
i used to be neutral about the whole hairstyle and possibly even liked it for a short period of time.
but i'm over it. i'm sooooo over itttt.
so what? 
so i need a dye and a chop. badly
if anyone wants to step up to the plate to take on this hair, hola at me.

on a side note... 
i finally got the chance to wear my (new to my wardrobe) vintage leather jacket today.
bring on the clouds... and the rain!
sweater weather i'm soo ready for yeww (...since, like, 2 months ago).


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nik said...

I'll take on your hair! Let's go to the student axis hair studio. The one I go to. They always do a good job.