Wednesday, October 23, 2013

And on the wednesday she rested.

coat- Aritzia, sweats- gojane, hat & lunch bag clutch- Zara, loafers- UO (old), [sunnies- Karen Walker]

As long as there's a bit of sun in the sky i'm all for sunnies,
especially since we have summer here in vancity for what? 3 months?
there's no way i'm waiting another 9 months to wear them again. 
and i have countless pairs just sitting in my room waiting to be exposed into some sunlight. 
i know we get a ton of rain in the winter. it's unfortunate.
but on the odd, sneaky day when mr. sun is in check i like to take 
advantage of sunglass-wearing. 
you cannot blame me

Here, in the second photo, you'll notice two nicely dressed (wo)mannequins. 
...styled by yours truly on the right-hand side ;P
naturally i wanted to dress the (wo)mani in all black but i was told i had to 
color-scheme it with the other outfit beside. 
which does make sense.

ryle and i grabbed some pho after work and of course stopped by mcidx
 to get mcflurries and i just about peed my panties when i read on the menu that 
ya, ya call me a little fatty, i don't give a...
 cause for me, this is a big deal.
for you readers, perhaps not.
...but perhaps (and in that case, wouldn't you have liked to know!) 

today is my day off but i've only been running around doing errands all morning 
and finally got to slouch down at home a couple hours ago. 
no more moving.
i don't want to have to lift another finger for the rest of today.
and that includes typing.
starting rightttt... now.


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