Monday, October 21, 2013

sorry but i'm sorry i'm not sorry

mom jeans & crop top- American Apparel, knit cardigan & fur stole- (thrifted), long cardi & shoes- Oak + Fort, purse- Zara 

 coat & dress- Aritzia, sweater & shoes- Oak + Fort
drop crotch shorts, scarf & toque- Oak + Fort, chucks- Converse, coat- Aritzia, purse- Zara

i realize that i throw a ton of apology posts at you guys, so without apologizing i'm going to instead acknowledge the fact that i've been a tad lazy on my blog posting the past few weeks... or so.
"lazy" is basically the product from being so busy. 
but this is why i've been posting a week (or so) worth of outfits within one post.

(in general) i'll try harder to:
get more sleep at night
return messages more promptly
be more organized
impulse-buy less
smile when i'm impatient/frustrated/disappointed

not to get all new years resolutiony on you all...
i never carried through with those (new years) resolutions anyhow so i'd like to think of this more as little points to remember daily.



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Jocelyn Ko said...

<seriously beautiful !