Wednesday, January 8, 2014

CALI: Slab City || Salvation Mountain

i'm here.
"here" as in CALI here.
the weather today was juuust right.
we took on slab city which was quite a site to see.
it's basically an ex-military base that has now been turned into a sort of camping/living ground.
the area seems almost desolate- it was hard to tell if people were even living in those
campers/tents/huts... whatever was set up.
but in a way, it was so neat.
the way in which they live is so artistic. 
i saw a hut made of straw, an outside library, half of a camper, a tree covered with hanging shoes...
and then on the way back we stopped at salvation mountain.
one man spent manyyyy dedicated years to painting/creating this grand piece of art.
i'd seen this "mountain" before in photos but to actually get up close was a treat.

i'm hoping tomorrow will be nice.
i'd like to start working on my tan.


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