Monday, January 6, 2014

"Shore thing"... ;)

wool coat & tartan scarf- Zara, drop crotch pants- JNBY, tunic & flats- Oak + Fort, NY Yankees cap (Matt's)

styled and modelled by myself
photos by: Matt Bourne

Yesterday's shoot with Matt involved COLD (as) feet, yummy hot drinks, far too many birds, friendly strangers, DOGS, a beautiful view and sunset
 and feeling like a ninja due to rock climbing and running up walls... what??..
if you look closely at some of these photos you'll notice i'm "casually" crouched on a slanted wall/ramp and hanging on by my toesies
matt was also doing a climbing and balancing act himself.
but man, we had a lot'a fun.

we JUST caught the sun as it was setting.
 i really hope i never get tired of these "cotton candy" sunsets.
the sky against the water was... ugh.
i live for these moments... lol.

i've wore out the 'ol... new coat a ton this week.
it's warm (oh hello, it's wool), it goes with everything i throw on and it's got the length!
and then, of course, i have the nerve to do some "light" shopping after yesterday's photos.
i find ANOTHER amazing, black coat.
I KNOW, i know. 
you ask:
"don't you own enough coats?"

ya know what...
"as long as i make real good use of them", i say.

(actually i don't think i've ever said that?...)

i hope everyone's having a terrific start to their new year!
anybody have any exciting plans for this year??
i have a couple possible ones up my sleeve ;)


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