Tuesday, July 29, 2014

pick up lines (how to deal) ~

thrifted black button-down blouse, Oak + Fort grey tank dress, Riudavet sandals and Karen Walker Number One sunnies.

yesterday i got to see my darling skylar.
it'd only been shy of two weeks since i'd seen her last, only it felt like a month.
she went to edmonton to be with her fam and so we had much to catch-up on over iced coffees.
oh right, and it was 6pm and still blazing hot out.
before we left i offered the remains of my long john, (that is clearly meant to be shared between two people), to the man who was sitting at the table next to us. 
i was slightly surprised when he accepted it without hesitation.
but it wasn't until he pitched me with "well the least i can do is buy you a coffee sometime", that really caught me off guard.
before i could even think how to properly reply i quickly said "oh no, don't worry about it!"
his answer was a taken aback "oh, ok."

sooo let's say i could relive that moment...
instead i would have liked to say something along the lines of:

That's a clever pick-up line and i really appreciate your offer but I'm going to have to pass. 
Thanks anyhow. 
Enjoy that donut!



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