Saturday, July 26, 2014

sleepy face | a full heart

American Apparel crop tank & crop mesh top, Aritzia Wilfred crepe skirt, Wolf Circus shark tooth necklace, vintage purse, Adidas Superstars & Karen Walker Number One sunnies.

scuse the tired eyes. 
but they actually compliment my poor sleeping habits quite fittingly. 
however, find no negativity in my writing.
i've been so overwhelmed in God's word the past week- my spirit is so uplifted
i've been praying about going to Terrace with my dear friend della, to hang with her family
and be surrounded by "true BC", ya get me?
it's not my regular jam, but it'll be a nice change from big, busy vancouver.
in short, the Lord has provided and i've booked my ticket!... mid august.

ps. the sun is back & so i sat out on a patio today near my work, during my break.



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Hi, I was wondering how you got to pictures to be one on your last photo. I'm new to blogger and I've been trying to figure it out, it would be a big help.