Friday, September 5, 2014

all's well~

after work this evening i had what may have been the quickest caffeine date w/ skylar & viranlly. 
but nonetheless it was great to be in their company.
we shared laughs... & my cookie.

last night was "Delve" at my church.
a day of fasting and praying and coming together in the evening to worship and pray. 
been going through a ton of challenges lately, but just relying on the Lord to get me through it all.
instead of relying on my own strength- just remembering to lay it all before Him and allowing Him to work out all the circumstances in my life, for His glory

...i'm very blessed.
the people i've been surrounded by who've been challenging me in my faith.
encouraging me in my faith.
praying on me.
very thankful.


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