Thursday, September 11, 2014

BTS ~ Sarah Mulder Jewelry Shoot

a few behind the scenes photos from a recent shoot I did for Sarah Mulder Jewelry!
at the start it felt a bit strange to step into a fairly girly role for a shoot, as i don't normally
wear much jewelry... or have wavy hair... or often wear skirts, etc.
but in the end, i decided it was refreshing.
something different from my norm.
 and we had a blast shooting these.
just a really solid team.
my co-model was Bailey- a real gem of a gal [and insanely beautiful]...
will share the actual photos with you all once they're in!

& just a liiiiiittle sneak...

photography - Kim James
make up - Katie Elwood

PS. you may have noticed that my site doesn't quite look the same as it did last week.
simply because my dear, talented friend, Aina, made some changes- 
some creatively wonderful changes...
will update you all on that soon...

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