Monday, March 28, 2011

wuhh ohhh..

my blog won't let me upload new photos & i'm trying to get the bottom of fixing the issue.

i feel blog deprived.
plz bare with me.


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

prepare yourself for what's comin...

this spring/summer it's either about the whites OR brights. 
-however, this isn't just WHITE white that i'm speaking of: off-white, creamy whites,etc. experiment w/ different types of white. go all out white & be extra careful not to stain anything [tide to go may be useful ;P].
-try pastels/neutrals w/ a pop of a bright shade or go all-out in different shades of brights [even colours that should be avoided being put together in fear of 'clashing'].
& then there is my dear obsession with lipstick. 
this spring i'll begin investing [& SEARCHING] for blues, pastels: pink, yellow and green, bright orange, deep velvet red. 


Monday, March 21, 2011

wild thang.

Wild thing I'll eat you up into something new You'll say last night in my room A forest grew and grew
Until the walls were green And from the ceiling fell vines And you lay there wishing your world was mine...
 You jumped into a boat and sailed out very far For weeks and years until you came to where the wild things are
And they roar, and they rolled, and they claw with their terrible eyes Be still you will say and they'll fall Cause you're the wildest of all...
There's a wild thing inside of our souls And a sense of hope from young to old Inside of each of us there is a hidden child All you have to do is learn to be wild
And they rolled, and they rolled, and they claw with their terrible eyes Be still you will say and they'll fall I am the sun I will rise and I'll set But you're the brightest thing that I ever met.


Sunday, March 20, 2011

& so the special night finally arrives...

although i was sick friday night, i went out & sucked it up [mind you, the next day i woke up feeling worse, coughing my head off w/ barely a voice left]. we had planned this evening for a month & had been planning for 3 months to find a day us girls would all be free. 
so point zero lounge it was & it was yummm.
it's like a classy, modern sushi spot- my first time going.
it's so nice to catch up after not being together for so long. giiiirrrrls. 


Saturday, March 19, 2011

_____ days till __________________!!

tanned beauts.
 i cannot wait to be able to sprawl myself out on my lawn & go to the beach to tan. i'm feelin a tad pale. it's alot of 'looking forward to'... summer that is. 
it's quite a ways from now so at the mo i'm focusing on finishing my last month of school!
it's tough to try to fully wrap my head around the fact that my first year of uni is almost done... i've learned soooo much compared to when i first went into this program. the discovery of my acting & vocals & being able to get back into my dance grooooove :)
i do look forward to the break though. school has really been a killer on my body: very little rest, which means = getting sick. i'm currently fighting off a cold. i'm pushinnnn throuuughhhh... 


Monday, March 14, 2011


it's just not right for people to be this stunning.
bami northwood-blyth, ladies & gents.


gather 'round

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my current, two fav artists: adele & robyn.
enjoy :)


Saturday, March 12, 2011

horrifying news.

The impact that the tsunami left on japan is absolutely devastating. it leaves a deep pit at the bottom of my stomach to think that there's not a whole lot one person can do to help this situation. every time i hear about these big earthquakes on the news/radio i immediately think about how hard it would be if the same thing occurred to me & my family & friends. i ask though that you have the kindness in your heart to make a $5 donation to Canadian Redcross by texting ASIA to 30333. anything & everything counts. 
what is $5 to you? 


"it's said those who don't sleep confuse reality with dream".

[last ph. cred: hyoin bae]
We went to one of a few for their 'pop up show' grand opening.
my first time going in that shop & they have real neat stuff. 
but the gypsy market vintage clothing is fab. some real cool pieces. 
too bad nat is poor. so i browsed & drooled over the clothing on the racks and people standing around [real well-dressed peeps]. 
after we decided to try locating 'guu' [a japanese tapas bar]. but instead walked by the place approx three times, walking in circles, until we finally found it. we suggest that you never. ever. take directions from us three. it was too full there so we ended up at steamworks [which looks small on the outside---but pretty freakin large on the inside]. stuffed our tummies & went on our way to go home.